Recruitment Blitz Strategies

How to Conduct an Effective Membership Recruitment Blitz

A coordinated Membership Recruitment Blitz is an all-out effort to maximize your membership teams' efforts by canvassing an entire parish on one weekend, gathering the names of prospective new members for follow-up.

Order Of Events

  • »The Preparation Phase

    •Obtain the pastor’s permission to conduct a Blitz at the church during a specific weekend.

    •Advertise the event weekly in the parish bulletin building up to when it is held.

    •Order recruitment materials from the Supreme Council Supply Department (allow four to five weeks for delivery). Use the Blitz Kit Order Form when ordering materials.

    •Inform the insurance representatives about the dates of the recruitment drive.

  • »The Execution Phase

    •Set up informational tables at every door of the church. Have plenty of prospect cards and pencils on hand to distribute to each man as he enters the church.

    •Arrange for a membership recruitment announcement to be made during Mass by the priest endorsing the council.

    •Have brother Knights on hand to answer questions and to collect prospect referral cards or names and contact information as men leave the church with their families.

  • »The Follow-Up Phase

    •Personal contact must be made with every prospect within 48 HOURS.

    •Inform each prospect and his family of of the date, time and location for the informational seminar, and invite them.

    •Offer transportation if necessary.

  • »The Orientation Phase

    •Order recruitment brochures about the Order for prospects and their families to read.

    •Request that your council’s chaplain start the event with a prayer and some words about the Order and its mission.

    •Consider showing one of the recruitment videos available from the Supreme Council Supply Department.

    •Make the requirements for membership known to those assembled.

    •Offer each prospect a Membership Document (#100) to fill out before the event’s conclusion.

    •Have brother Knights on hand to assist prospects in completing these forms.

    •Conclude the event with some light refreshments.

    •Inform the candidates of the date of the First Degree.

  • »The First Degree

    •Schedule a First Degree no more than two weeks after your informational session.

    •Contact the candidates to remind them of the degree date.

    •Ensure they have transportation to the location.

    •Order degree certificates from the Supreme Council Supply Department as a fitting way to recognize your new brother Knights.

    •Don’t let the new members leave the degree without getting them involved and explaining the Shining Armor Award program.

Membership Events

  • Become a Member
    A planned scheduled for First Degrees assist a successful membership growth for any council. Councils are encouraged to schedule a First Degree on a regular basis – at least every other month; with at least one First Degree schedule in each district on a monthly basis. This ensures the availability for new members to be initiated into the Order quickly after being accepted by the council. Below is the schedule of First Degrees throughout the state. If your council has a schedule of First Degrees, contact the State Ceremonial Chairman to have your council’s schedule included on this list.

    [schedule pdf]

    Email ST Scott Flood

  • Further Your Membership
    Councils wishing to host a 2nd & 3rd Degree should have their District Deputy send a formal request to the State Ceremonial Chairman. The request should include a couple of suggested dates, in case there is a State Council function scheduled for the preferred date.

    [See Calendar]

    [Guidlines for Hosting pdf]

    Email ST Georges Haddad